Artisan Custom Doorworks: Medallion 200 Series Carriage House

Medallion 200 Series Exotic Hardwoods


  • Custom Sizing
  • True Divided Lites
  • Panel & Trim Options
  • Arch Tops
  • Insulated Glass
  • Decorative Hardware
  • Specialty Glass
  • Styles: Swing, Trifold, Bifold, Barn
  • Insulation: R9.1 Insulation
  • Pre-Finishing: Prime, Stain, Custom Colors

For the ultimate in architectural statements, adorn your garage with Medallion 200 doors. Our Medallion 200 designs are made from exotic hardwoods (clear Spanish Cedar standard or Genuine Mahogany or Sapele Mahogany as options). Medallion 200 features exotic hardwood overlays with hidden fasteners, true divided lites, and a high-performance insulated core frame. Smooth plywood on both sides adds strength. What’s more, we can pre-finish with our state-of-the-art staining process for a finish rivaled only by fine furniture. Choose from swing, barn, trifold, or bifold styles.

The ultimate expression of design and quality with the beauty of wood. Endless possibilities.

Both standard and custom sizes are offered.


Available Sizes

Measuring Guidelines

The installing Dealer will measure the finished opening to determine the correct door size. The type of track is based on available clearances (see diagram and table below).

Tracking Requirements


  • Clearance is unobstructed (e.g. no beams, pipes, ductwork that may cause interference)
  • The backroom clearance requirement is equal to the door height plus approximately 36 in.


Window Lite Pattern


  1. Double doors can have either one large single arch, or two smaller, equal sized arches
  2. Swing style doors are available without lites – specify solid top section
  3. Arched glass sections have true arched openings on both sides
  4. See product specifications for arched framing requirements


Wood Species

Panel & Trim

1. Panel Styles

Panel Type:

Naturally occurring variations in wood grain, color and texture will make each carriage door that we craft unique. The wood options shown are to demonstrate the general appearance only.

2. Trim Boards

Trim boards are available on flat panels, or tongue and groove panels (shown above).

Door Stop & Vinyl Weather Seal

Vinyl Seal Colors

View of Door Stop & Seal